1. Full Truck Load:-

STPM is fully equipped to handle your bulk/FTL movement from anywhere. Our Network of almost all metro cities makes us closest to any source of raw material or any plant or any customer in the country.

 2. LTL- Less Then Truck Load:-

For Small (up to 1 ton) / LTL (above 1 ton) transportation requirement the branch network ensures that deliveries can be made in every district of the country. The size of the cargo does not matter. Company Hubs consolidate and move the cargo speedily. Track and trace facility for the cargo is available through the extensive computerized network.

3. Air/Train:-

We are provide facilities in Air Cargo/ Train Cargo specially in cities : Gurgaon/Delhi/Ahmedabad/Pune/Hyderabad/Chennai and Bangalore.

4. Warehousing Facilities:-

We are provide warehousing facilities in Delhi/Gurgaon/Jaipur/Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

5. Over dimension Cargo:-

6. Value Added Services:

Modernized and Latest Equipped Hubs Multiple Deliveries from Single Location Standardized Billing and Rate Structure   Containerized Movement for High Value Cargo LTL on Delivery (COD) Facility   LTL Consolidation Capacity   Warehousing & Storage Facility